MAPcore 2018 Datathon Demos

Integrated MAPcore Portal

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This is the MAPcore portal where you can took at different models. You can also create new dialogs and view multiple models at the same time.

Online ScaffoldMaker and Fiducial Marker Tool

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Part of the Portal. This tool allows researchers to change parameters of the 3D scaffold and put fiducial markers on it. This information can then be pushed into the Physiome Model Respository.

Flatmap Viewer

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Early stage prototype demonstrating the linkage between 2-dimensional flatmaps and 3-dimensional organ scaffolds.

Blackfynn Exporter

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View your time series data plotted against it's own channels and export selected channels to .csv format.

Video Tracking Demo

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Mapping a 3D model of the heart to video by tracking 11 fiducial points set on heart. (Data provided by Professor Jeff Ardell, UCLA)

ECG Data Mapping (in progress )

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Map ECG data recorded from electrode arrays onto a fitted 3D model of the heart. (Data provided by Professor Jeff Ardell, UCLA)

Integrated ApiNATOMY and Portal App

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This app demonstrates integration and interaction between ApiNATOMY and MAPcore Portal.

Dynamic Volume Render

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This app displays an animating volume rendering of images of the heart. (Data provided by Professor Martyn Nash, ABI)